“From Galatia to Peoria – Author’s Note”

The preacher’s conclusion to our series came 2 weeks ago, now we let the Author conclude the letter to the churches in Galatia and Peoria.

In studying the Pharisees we know that they were lovers and protectors of Scripture, intent on preserving the relevant meaning.  Adding, they were lovers of and completely dedicated to the law of God.

“The primary concern of the Pharisee was to make Torah the supreme guide of life in thought word and deed, by study of its contents, obedience to its precepts and, as the root of it all, conscious service of God who had given the Torah.”

So positive, so spiritual yet Jesus utters the most shocking conclusion you can come to about them – “unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes & Pharisees, you will never see the kingdom of Heaven.”

We explore today the question, “How can someone so in love with the things of God be so lost?”