“From Walking to & Fro…”

satan accuses God of not being worthy of true worship, that is worship for no other reason except He is God.  He accuses Job of only worshipping God for what he can get out of the deal.

The accuser claims that people only follow God because they get something out of the deal.  In satan’s view God resembles a mafioso with a “kept woman,” not a devoted wife or a politician who can only win a fixed election.

A priest once wrote, “People love God, the way a peasant loves his cow, for the milk and cheese it produces.”

One question you have to ask yourself is this, “Why is it we worship God?” Is it only because we have received earthly blessings?  Are we proving satan right?  What do we tell others about why we follow God?

Do we stand with the accuser more times than not?