“Where No One Lacks & No One Misses”

A little look back and a bigger look forward – moving our church further to becoming a place “…Where No One lacks/misses the grace of God.

“These prophets not only stressed the primacy of morality over sacrifice, but even proclaimed that the worth of worship, far from being absolute, is contingent upon moral living, and when immorality prevails, worship  is detestable.  Questioning man’s right to worship through offerings and songs, they maintained that the primary way of serving God is through love, justice, and righteousness…They did, however, claim that deeds of injustice vitiate both sacrifice and prayer.  Men may not drown the cries of the oppressed with the noise of hymns, nor buy off the Lord with increased offerings.  The prophets disparaged the cult (sacrifice) when it became a substitute for righteousness.”

Abraham Heschel, The Prophets.